About Us

We founded Chicken Coop Condo because we believe that it is better to eat closer to nature by raising your own backyard chickens. There are many benefits in raising your own organic chickens and eggs. Eating organic foods and products can help limit your exposure to pesticides and chemical-based fertilizers, especially since free range chickens keep your garden safe from bug infestations without the use of poisons. Chickens produce chemical-free, nitrogen-rich manure that is great for your plants when mixed with compost, and also provides chemical-free weed control. Not only will you be making the environment around you better, you’ll be making your body healthier: Choosing home raised chickens and eggs that do not contain antibiotics are simple changes to your lifestyle that can result in life-long health benefits. We should all be concerned about where our food comes from, how it’s been raised, and what it’s been fed.

If you would like a healthier diet of organic chicken and fresh eggs, but walking into the grocery store has you feeling overwhelmed with all the different food labels on display, maybe it’s time to start your own flock. Chicken Coop Condo has a selection of well designed, quality products to help you start a self-sufficient lifestyle. Our coops are strong and sturdy enough to stand up against unfavorable weather, such as summer winds or winter snowstorms. The coops are designed to provide your chickens with the right balance between enclosed shelter and open ventilation. They are easy to clean and budget-friendly to maintain.

At Chicken Coop Condo, we care about each and every one of our customers. Our high quality chicken coops are constructed with attention to detail and superior construction. We built every each condo with the each individual customers’ needs in mind. If you buy from Chicken Coop Condo, We will work with you to build exactly the condo you need. We offer FREE Custom Coop quotes and welcome the opportunity to give you the best built chicken coops in the industry.