Features and Benefits For Mini Chicken Condo and Large Chicken Condo

chicken condo features and benefits
(1) Entry Door for easy access and cleaning.
(2) Siding: 50-year warranted Smart Side in choice of color.
(3) Roof: Lifetime warranted shingles.
(4) 10” Overhang to protect open windows from rain.
(5) Lots of Windows for light and ventilation.
(6) Nesting Boxes: Shingle roof with flashing to eliminate leaks and rotting.
(7) Egg Collection Doors Spring-loaded hinges, gather eggs from outside with ease.
(8) Bottom Area Enclosed with Wire:
Allows your chickens to get out in the open air.
Provides protection from hawks and other predators.
Provides shade on hot summer days.
(9) Sturdy pressure-treated 4×4 Construction.
(10) Easy Turn-Out Door allows your chickens to range freely.



Other Great Features and Benefits:

  • Built-in Roosts for your chickens’ comfort.

  • Built-in Ramp drops down to allow chickens access from the upper coop to the open bottom area.
    (Ramp is on hinges and closes by simply pulling a string).

  • Wheels are available for easy moving on your property.